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Red Oak

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In honor of our 154 years of Greatness, we've compiled a list of questions to see how much you know about Red Oak. Your Red Oak Intelligence Quotient (ROIQ) will be determined by how many of these questions can you answer correctly. (without peeking)

October 25th

In 1866, a small group of Christians banned together in Henry County Georgia in early 1866 to share a mutual love for God.
It is possible that the church building might have been completed on that date in 1866,  nevertheless, October 25th remains the day that we celebrate the beginning of Red Oak United Methodist Church.

There are 6 choirs.

There are 4 Sunday’s and a different choir sings each Sunday so that’s 4. Then the children and youth have their own and both sing on their Sunday so that’s 5, and then every 5th Sunday that new praise team sings so that’s 6.

Belinda McCastle. 

Pastor McCastle.  became our 20th pastor on June 18th, 2018.
Prior to this appointment, she served as Associate Pastor over Evangelism, Mission, Outreach, and Social Concerns at Ben Hill UMC in Atlanta, GA for six years.
Pastor Belinda McCastle

They walked.

In true Red Oak manner, the congregation walked celebratory style all the way from Jonesboro, Georgia to the new sanctuary in Stockbridge, Georgia.

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