Weems Family

The Weems Family

Did you know that the Weems Family is very involved in the community? The Weems began attending Red Oak UMC with Mr. Julius and Mrs. Willie Mae (Thornton) Weems.  Mrs. Willie Mae (Thornton) Weems started going to Red Oak at a very young age. Willie Mae left to move out of state with her family. Shortly thereafter, she returned to Georgia and went back to Red Oak UMC. She later met Julius Weems who started going to Red Oak UMC with Willie Mae. Julius and Willie Mae brought their 8 children up at Red Oak UMC, in which all but one (that is alive) still attends. Even some of their grandchildren and great grandchildren are members of Red Oak. Both Julius and Willie Mae, along with their deceased children, are buried or funeralized at Red Oak’s cemetery.  

The Weems have made some memorable contributions to Red Oak. Willie Mae Weems used to sell dinners on the weekend to raise money to get new windows in the old church. The Weems Family also contributed funds for the purchase and installation of a window in the current church and purchased a pew. Their youngest son, Charles Weems, has been an extremely active member at Red Oak UMC. He has hosted food pantries, and has provided endless fruits, vegetables, and many other food items to the church. For the annual Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, he has provided much of the food and the prizes for the raffles. He has done so much that the list could go on and on.  Red Oak UMC is truly thankful for his service as Mr. Charles Weems was recognized as one of the Servants of the Month on Red Oak’s website.