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Right here in our community, we highlight one of these heroes – Sherryl Bright. Sherryl is a nurse who serves in a supervisory position. She is a leader who manages the flow and the business of the Urgent Care at Kaiser Permanente. While she was already leading with excellence in this role, the global pandemic would test her fortitude and strength. In the wake of COVID-19, Sherryl found herself working tireless to ensure the department had adequate supplies and staffing to meet the growing and demanding needs of the patients that overflowed the facility daily. She had to learn quickly to ensure her staff was educated on any new procedures and processes that came with the pandemic.

Sherryl is an exceptional nurse, caring patient advocate, and supportive leader that ensures her department is ready to meet the medical needs of the community. She signed up to be a nurse to make a difference but had no idea her commitment to the field of nursing would lead to what she has had to endure for the past few months. Instead of meeting this with resistance and fear, she committed to showing up with an open mind and a ready spirit. She covered herself in prayer through back-to-back shifts, long hours, and endless lines of patients needing support from exposure to the virus, while all along happening to ensure that she stayed healthy and safe to prevent the spread to herself and others around her. Clocking in at work, day after day, may provide a paycheck, but walking in with the willingness and readiness to meet every need that presents itself is a priceless commitment. We celebrate you, Sherryl Bright and we thank you for your service!

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