Jacqueline Banks

Faithful Servant

Jackie BANKS


For the month of October, Red Oak is celebrating Jacquelyn (Jackie) Banks as the Red Oak Servant of the Month. She was born on the Eastern Shores of Virginia. She completed her nursing license at 17, which led her to relocate to New Jersey. This was the start of her paving a new life for her family with a career change for herself.

After 20 years of hard work and dedication, Jackie retired from Bell Atlantic and moved to Stockbridge, Georgia to be with her daughter and grandchildren.

Jackie’s relationship with her daughter, Terry, is a special and unique one.  In a lighthearted conversation about COVID-19, Jackie shared that her daughter was fearful of her contracting COVID-19, so she was only allowed out of the house to visit Lowe’s for gardening supplies. Laughter occurred between Jackie and Angela, who have become friends and comrades through Red Oak United Methodist Church. Angela laughed and said, “My, how the roles of a mother-daughter relationship have changed!” Jackie happily agreed and this was just one example of her caring and compassionate way.

After moving to Stockbridge, Jackie joined Red Oak United Methodist Church where she has been instrumental with its Communications Team. In previous years, she has spent time creating the Announcement slides for the Red Oak UMC congregation. Jackie also spearheaded the revamping of Red Oak UMC’s newest website.    She was instrumental in providing the guidelines for the structure of the present site.

Jackie has spent her life dedicated to caring, inspiring. and supporting the lives of others.  She is admired for her strength, wisdom, meekness, and fashion.  She enjoys bowling, fishing, managing a beautiful Koi pond (her babies) and gardening to bring forth God’s natural beauty. In honor of Jacquelyn Banks’ diligence and devotion, Red Oak United Methodist Church salutes her as our Red Oak Servant of the Month.