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Minister Gary Williams

Minister Williams has been an intricate part of Red Oak United Methodist Church for many years. He received his License to Preach from the North Georgia
Conference of the United Methodist Church in March 2011. He is now an Assistant Pastor at Red Oak United Methodist Church and makes himself available to preach whenever called upon. For many years Minister Williams has come early on Sunday mornings to open the church to make it ready for Sunday services. 

He shows up to assist with any ministry events whether his services have been solicited or not.  Along with his pastoral duties, Minister Williams is also a member of the United Methodist Church Men and the Older Adult Ministries. Minister Williams was the Worship Chairperson and the Superintendent of Sunday School at Red Oak UMC for several years.

He has established his outreach program called “O Taste and See”; where he reaches out to the community by supplying food. He also makes trips to South Georgia annually where he purchases peaches and watermelons to sell to the community. He donates the sales from his ministry, which is quite lucrative to Red Oak UMC.

Beside this program, Minister Williams presently visits and serves communion for the Sick and Shut in Congregation. He has worked tirelessly with Youth Groups, Homeless Shelters for Battered Women, Food Pantries, and many other community service groups.  Minister Williams served 20 years in the armed forces.

 He is a true servant and treasure to Red Oak UMC. We salute Minister Gary Williams as our August Red Oak Servant of the Month.

Each month we feature a deserving Red Oak contributor who has made a significant impact on the church and or the life of others in the community. If you would like to nominate your own Red Oak Community Servant , we invite you to complete the form by clicking on the included link:

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