Don’t Let the Leaves ‘Fall’

Don’t Let the Leaves ‘Fall’ during your Season of Growth and Transformation

As we prepare for a change of season from summer to fall, many have mixed feelings about this time of the year; nonetheless, it would be difficult to not be moved by the dramatic color changes of the leaves. As we see time and time again during the fall, the trees shed their leaves as part of the cycle of renewal and growth.  This is a universal principle that in order to grow, we must transform. 

The fall represents a time for transformations both personally and spiritually in the Christian Community. To transform and grow in this Christian walk, it is imperative to have clergy that supports this work.

The month of October is Clergy Appreciation Month. Red Oak UMC has recently celebrated its Pastor, Reverend Belinda McCastle, for Pastor’s Appreciation with a digital service and drive by celebration. This reflects how in this time of year Red Oak UMC is uplifting and encouraging the growth of pastors, missionaries, and religious leaders, who do the same for their congregations throughout the year.