Charles Weems

Faithful Servant

Charles Weems


Mr. Charles Weems is a loving, caring, and community oriented man, and all of these characteristics are demonstrated by his actions. He stays current on United Methodist Church events within our community, district, and conference. He is a member of several Red Oak United Methodist Church singing groups, former Lay Leader, trustee, mentor, advisor and has been a faithful member of ROUMC for over 20 years.

Charles works tirelessly and effortlessly in and around Red Oak by carrying and administering communion to the home-bound and hospitalized on first Sundays.   He has been a true servant to others during this pandemic by chauffeuring the sick to medical appointments; working at a food pantry; bringing and distributing food to Red Oak; repairing broken mailboxes; purchasing and replacing worn-out car batteries; and much more.

Charles Weems is an excellent example of how to serve the community, and we salute you as one of our Red Oak Community Servants. Thank you Charles Weems. Job well done!

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