Bryant Family

The Bryant Family

Did you know that the Bryant family has been influential in the maintenance of Red Oak, as well as many major decisions at the church? Mr. Horace Bryant, was the leader of the Bryant family and he and Mary Bryant were original members of the first built Red Oak church. Mr. Horace Bryant took pride in managing the upkeep of the church. Back in Red Oak’s early days, he would arrive to church early to make the fire so that congregants could enter a warm sanctuary. This passion to serve is very much alive in his grandchildren today.
Howard Bryant, who is now 74 years old, has been going to Red Oak UMC since he was a toddler, along with his Mother, Father, and siblings, including his brother, Terrell. Howard has been a Trustee and chairman of several different committees at Red Oak UMC. He was also the President of the Usher Board where he worked on the Pastor Parish Committee. In addition, he has helped to make decisions about Pastors coming to the church, as well as church employees. During the time that Red Oak UMC burned down, there were several other churches being burned down as well. During the rebuild, Howard was significant in getting $40,000 from an organization to help in the rebuilding and painting of the benches.
His brother Terrell is a leader in various choirs and has served in this capacity for many years. He has also been a loyal trustee, President of the United Methodist Men, and a member of the SPRC to help make important hiring decisions. Stanley Bryant, their younger brother, formed the original Voices of Joy choir for Red Oak’s youth. Over the years, this choir has continued to grow, evolve, and spread the joy of the Lord through music and song as Red Oak’s Youth Choir.
Ms. Catherine Norwood, sister to Horace Bryant and is a Norwood by way of marriage, is the oldest female member of Red Oak United Methodist Church. Known for her stylish hats and timeless fashion, she has contributed to Red Oak United Methodist Church as a matriarch for many years.