We Miss You


We Miss You

Greetings, church family, It’s been a while since we’ve been together in the house of the Lord.

Know that, social distancing does not have to mean socially disconnected. We miss you, and want to know what you have been up to.

Leave a message to share updates so your Red Oak family can stay connected to you. Share a special event in your life; a special celebration; what you’re up to this summer; any special things you’re doing in this season of pandemic and protest to bring about change.

We want to know. We care. We are listening…


  1. Angela Grant
    08 Sep 2020 09:01:00 Reply

    This has truly been my summer of isolation. My planned trip overseas was poneposted indefinitely due to concerns with COVID-19. My self imposed quarantine has not been a bad thing. It awoke my creative side. I suddenly realized how much there is to do indoors. Closets needed cleaning, and organizing. Living room needed TLC. I also did some fun things too like acrylic painting and sewing. Who knew I could paint artistically? Not me.

    And finally in between the fun stuff been studying and getting ready to go back to work. What have you been doing?

  2. Daveta Thomas
    02 Sep 2020 06:43:45 Reply

    Normally we have parties and outings for our birthdays, but due to the Pandemic we celebrated all 3 of our birthdays quaratine style (Angelo, May 7; Me, June 16; Riley, July 16). Eventhough it was not the same, it forced us to be even more creative and we had a great time! Truly thankful for all of us making it another year!

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