Turnipseed Family


Did you know that the Turnipseed Family was musically inclined?  Like many of our other families, the Turnipseed Family is known for its membership in the choirs and music ministries at Red Oak United Methodist Church.  The Hambrick, Byrant, and Turnipseed families are related, and all three families have members in the Red Oak United Methodist Church choirs. Erwin Turnipseed was the director of several choirs at Red Oak UMC over the years and his spirit will live on through their voices of harmony and their praises to God. Vertis and Erwin also gifted Red Oak United Methodist Church with a piano that is currently located in the corner of the church. You can’t think of a Red Oak choir without thinking of the name Turnipseed, so maybe one day soon, as suggested by the Minister of Music, one of Red Oak’s melodic choirs will carry that musical name as a Turnipseed Tribute