The Hambrick Family

The Hambricks

Did you know the Hambrick Family has been instrumental with fundraising at Red Oak United Methodist Church? The Hambrick Family began going to Red Oak United Methodist Church in the 1920s. The Hambrick family is also connected to the Bryant family. Rosa Hambrick, whose maiden name was Bryant, was a Bible Scholar in Sunday School. She made chacha and apple pies to help fundraise for Red Oak UMC, especially for the United Methodist Women and the Calendar Tea representing her birth month of April. Along with Ms. Rosa Hambrick, Carrie Mae Hambrick, who was an offspring of the Slaughter family, made sweet potato pies to help fundraise for the United Methodist Women. She was the first Black woman in Henry County to own a business, which was called Green Front Café. In her honor, there is an annual Carrie Mae Hambrick Day in Henry County.