our ministry

where he leads we will follow


There is joy in serving the Lord. There is still work to be done and you can help to deliver his Holy Word. Here at Red Oak, we come together to serve the Lord through our collective efforts.  Our ministries come from from serving the needs of the community, our need for spiritual guidance and sometimes our need for social interaction with like minded people. We invite you to join one of our ministries


united with purpose

red oak ministry groups

We were created as people with a purpose, and that purpose is exemplified in the Gospel. The Gospel is the power of God. When it is declared compellingly from the Scriptures, amazing things happen. Lives are changed, hardened idolatresses flee the human heart, families are restored, neighborhoods are renewed, and whole cities can be changed.

united in harmony

serving through worship

We love to worship the Lord though prayer and in song.  We do so through our children’s choir, our Men’s choir, our all female choir, our mixed choir and of course our Praise and Worship choir. We sing praises to him.  Testify and sing praises onto the Lord, our God.