Nichelle Ross’ Season of Healing

Nichelle Ross

Nichelle Ross can be described as a true prayer warrior, a humble follower of Jesus, and one who walks by faith and not by sight, according to her sister in Christ, Tanesha McCoy-Washington. Tanesha says that it was the Emmaus Walk from 2016 that strengthened their bond and sisterhood, as they went through a spiritual journey together. From this moment on, she was able to witness first hand Nichelle’s love, faith, and trust in God. Nichelle’s faith in God was tested in February 2020 when she experienced something that would change her life. Nichelle and her youngest daughter, Kailyn, were in a horrific car accident that nearly took both of their lives. In the past nine months, they have endured numerous surgeries and medical procedures over multiple areas of their bodies but believed that this was their healing season. Throughout each medical procedure and the challenging recovery periods, they had to
regain basic movement of their extremities, but Nichelle’s faith has never wavered. While she is still experiencing effects of this accident, she is a healing work in progress and continuously calls on the Lord to help ease her mental and physical pain. Her friend, Tanesha, has visited her periodically and speaks to her regularly. She says that Nichelle’s strength and dedication to the healing process is unwavering. She describes Nichelle as a woman who prays without ceasing, and a woman that trusts God’s grace, mercy, and healing touch will continue to rain down on her and her daughter.

Nichelle Ross