Our aim is to continue  the works of our  parents.  Arise, our flagship program was created to inspire and motivate our youths.

Older Adults

Our focus is to raise awareness of the needs and contributions of older adults in the community and the world.


Our choirs, organists, guitarist and drummer make up the core of our Musical Ministry.  Let’s make a joyful noise. 


Reading and writing is fundamental.  Let’s put the fun back into writing by helping to inspire our Red Oak readers.

The United Methodist Women of Red Oak is focused on all things Women.  Our goal is to empower the women of Red Oak UMC.

Who doesn’t love a good Bar-B-Que? Join them annually for a smoking good time,  in the Red Oak church’s parking lot,

The  ministry of the church changes everything. It extends beyond the boundaries of the church wall. 

When like minded people come together in the church for a common cause, we call that a ministry. 

Fellowship in Christ

Which group will you join?  

The ministry is an essential part of our church.  At Red Oak, we take that responsibility seriously.  Help us spread the gospel by joining one of our ministries.