Category: Celebration

Norwood Family

The Norwoods Did you know that the Norwood Family has deep roots in Red Oak UMC? There were 3 brothers, Henry C., Willie, and King Norwwod, and they were faithful, […]

The Hambrick Family

The Hambricks Did you know the Hambrick Family has been instrumental with fundraising at Red Oak United Methodist Church? The Hambrick Family began going to Red Oak United Methodist Church […]

Bryant Family

The Bryant Family Did you know that the Bryant family has been influential in the maintenance of Red Oak, as well as many major decisions at the church? Mr. Horace […]

Brock, Clemons, and Evans Families

The Brock Family Did you know that the Brock, Clemons and Evans families have been impactful with the leadership of Red Oak United Methodist church? These families are all connected […]

Weems Family

The Weems Family Did you know that the Weems Family is very involved in the community? The Weems began attending Red Oak UMC with Mr. Julius and Mrs. Willie Mae […]

Pastor Appreciation Tribute

The Red Oak community is still elated over the 2020 Pastor Appreciation Event for our pastor, Rev. Belinda McCastle! This season of pandemic did not create a season of confusion […]