Saturday, September 22, 2018


About Us

Our Mission:
The mission of Red Oak UMC is to be a community church that strengthens the community in the name of Jesus Christ by our prayers, our presence, our gifts, our service, and our witness in order to make disciples of Christ.
Our Vision:

The vision of Red Oak UMC is to be a church on the GROW. We accomplish this by being:

  • G     Grounded in the word of God
  • R     Relevant for the time
  • O     Open to the community
  • W    Wealth of resources for body, mind and spirit.
Our Commitment as a Church of Excellence:

1.   Apportionments paid in full.

2.   Subscription to New World Outlook magazine

3.   Special Offerings Collected

           a. One hour of Sharing
  b. Wesley Homes
  c. Methodist’s Children Home
  d Golden Cross
  e. Bishop Initiative (North Georgia Conference)

4.   Observance of Disability Awareness Sunday

5.   Contribution to Five “Advance” Projects

          a. International
  b. National
  c. Conference Advance Specials (2)
  d. UMCOR
  e. North Georgia Conference Train Depot

6.   Mission Study

7.   Local Church outreach project

8.   Covenant relationship with a missionary through GBGM

9.   Medicine Box




.............. Jesus said to him, Feed my sheep.(John 21:18)