2020 Graduation Ceremony

2020 Graduation

Our Graduates

Welcome to our 2020 Graduation Celebration.  Every graduation celebration is different.  And this year’s differences stand out above all other annual graduation celebrations. 

COVID-19, a world-wide pandemic  crisis, has forever changed the world and everything we do in it.  It has affected our worship habits, our socialization practices and how we celebrate our accomplishments.

Despite, the challenges and the uncertainty of this deadly virus, we’ve adapted  our behaviors to cope with this  life threatening  illness.  And noone has done this better than our Red Oak 2020 graduates.  Despite your many challenges, know that this is the beginning of many fruitful years ahead.

Congratulations Red Oak graduates.  You”ve persevered through one of the most historic graduation ceremonies of all times. 

And much thanks to Darrin Moultrie, one of Red Oak’s most faithful servants for providing us with this glimpse of what Graduation Celebration looked like in 2020 despite the lingering threats of COVID-19.